Ring Sizes

How to measure your ring size correctly
To guarantee a perfect fit, you should proceed as follows:

  • Always measure the finger on which you will later wear the ring.
  • Mind that the fingers of your right and your left hand might have different sizes.
  • The ring size might alter with time. The reasons for that can be weight changes, pregnancy or illness.
  • On very hot days, your fingers might swell up a little, on cold days they might be thinner.
  • The time of the day also can affect the size: in the evenings, your fingers might be a little thicker than in the mornings.
  • If your desired ring is very broad, you might have to use a bigger size. A broader ring has less space to find a good position.
  • Always check your current size before you buy a new ring.

The ring size can be measured based on circumference or diameter.
You can easily measure the circumference of your finger with a piece of string. Put the string around your finger and cut it where it crosses. Then measure the piece and you have your ring size.

For the diameter you need a ring that fits you well on the finger you want to measure. Now measure the inner diameter with a calliper and multiply the result by 3.14 and you will have the inner circumference of the ring in mm. To save you the trouble we have prepared a list where you can find the circumference in mm in the column of the inner diameter in mm. Or you can use our template to find out the diameter and your ring size (explanations on the template). .

If you do not want to find out your ring size alone your jeweller or goldsmith can do it with his measuring tools.