A diamond is always fascinating and unique - no diamond is like another.
To grade a diamond exactly, you need ample experience with the four international categories, the 4 C´s.
The value of a diamond depends on its evaluation in each category and on the interaction of colour, clarity, weight and cut.

Kevin P. Nedoluha

Carat - the weight unit
The weight of a diamond is measured in carat. One carat has 0,2 grams.

A stone weighing many carat is very valuable and rare. The value of a stone however does not depend only on its weight but also on its quality and clarity. A smaller diamond of high clarity can be more valuable than a bigger one. The value of two diamonds of the same weight and clarity can differ because of their cut.

The clearer the colour, the rarer the stone. Meaning that stones with no colour are the  most valuable. Some diamonds seem colourless but they have a pale yellow or brownish hue - even if they are beautiful, they are less valuable.  A clear white diamond is the most valued - it is extremely rare. Apart from that, there are the so-called fancy diamonds in well defined colours like red, pink, blue, green or canary yellow. 

The purer a diamond, the brighter it shines and the rarer it is.
Almost all natural diamonds have identifying marks. Some of those are invisible to the naked eye.
Number, colour, type, size and relative location of the inclusions affect the value of the stone. Sizeable inclusions can impair the refraction of light inside the diamond and reduce its brilliance, its shine and its value. If there are no inclusions visible under ten times magnification it is called flawless.

Cut – der Schliff
The cut gives the diamond its unique brilliance.
A good cut with many facets will give the stone more brilliance and luminosity, independently from its general shape.
A good cutter will shape the stone to the right proportions so that the diamond will not end up too pointed or too flat to reflect the light in the best way. Only then the diamond can be considered very good in its category and be valued accordingly.

All jewellery is made from 18 carat rose or white gold.  
The gemstones are available in sizes from 8-12 mm* diameter and are either cabochon cut or faceted.
The setting can be Krabbe or plain.

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* We can work with stones of any desired size.