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Colours describe impressions and moods.
They can also influence the psyche based on individual experiences and cultural factors. A sun-coloured yellow seems happy and green is calming because these colours are connected with nature.

Colours can also be associated with temperature. We distinguish warm and cold colours. Warm colours are red and orange for example, cold colours blue and blue-green hues.

In our daily language we use colours too: red-hot passion, green with envy or feeling blue.

Every colour has its own symbolism.
Red is the colour of passion, green is hope and blue loyalty.





Colour is a subjective visual impression, provoked by light.
We distinguish between light colour and body colour. Body colour is the impression of colour a body emanates. Light colour is the impression of colour of the light itself.

We also distinguish between colourful and colourless colours. Colourless colours are white, grey and black.

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